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HQD Delta-8 THC: What is it?

Michael Burdick
3 minute read

One of the biggest rises in vaping this year has been the emergence of Delta-8 THC.

This lesser known analogue of the well known Delta-9 THC (otherwise known as the primary

form of THC) exhibits similar effects to traditional THC at a lower psychotropic potency. This

combined with the loophole of legally deriving this product from hemp plants has opened up a

whole new world for smokers to explore. This blog post will discuss the benefits of smoking

Delta-8 over its chemical relative, the many different means of which to consume Delta-8, and

what the future for Delta-8 looks like.

Delta-8-THC in a nutshell is the strongest form of CBD therapy on the market. While not

being as potent as Delta-9-THC, Delta-8 exhibits some psychoactive tendencies but at about

70% the potency. This means consuming the chemical, whether it be through cartridges, waxes,

or edibles will bring some feeling of being high, but is more likely to give the user a relaxed

feeling. This is why Delta-8 is considered closer relative to CBD than to Delta-9-THC. Its

medicinal properties are a huge sell for people looking for help with anxiety, sleep, and muscle

pains. It is also growing in popularity because of the many ways in which you can consume it

which we will talk about shortly.

As mentioned earlier, one can consume Delta-8-THC in a variety of ways. Cartridges,

Edibles, and Pre-Rolled Joints have been some of the best methods available so far. But

innovation is not far off with brands creating Delta 8-THC wax, flower as well as moon rocks!

The versatility that exists with this product is second to none and is indicative of its THC based

roots. We predict that Delta 8 in the future will be smoked through disposables as well at even

higher concentrations. That being said, what is the future of Delta-8 looking like?

With such a young and booming market, it’s truly hard to predict what it will look like in a

few years time. What can be said is that there are sure to be a large influx of products on the

market with each brand vying for recognition in this new and untapped segment. That being

said, it is also reasonable to believe that Delta-8, as it becomes more popular will become

easier to syndicate and produce for consumption which could drive the price down significantly.

This overall is a huge win for the consumers and means that anyone wanting to try this new

product out will be able to do so at an affordable price.

Overall, Delta-8 is a product that has the highest potential. Being able to provide relief in

the way CBD does while also giving a high that standard marijuana smokers enjoy, this is a

product with great versatility and a high number of applications. This is a product that we highly

endorse and we look forward to seeing how the market shapes up after a few years.

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