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What is disposable vaping? HQD Tech USA

What is disposable vaping? HQD Tech USA

Michael Burdick
2 minute read

HQD has been a monolith in the disposable revolution in the vaping industry. First through the release of their HQD Cuvie in 2017. Since then, HQD has continually raised the bar higher with the Cuvie Plus, the Maxim, the Rosy, the Super and the Stark. With the recent rise in disposable products on the market, many might not know what it exactly is, which is why this post will be dedicated to disposables; what they are, what the benefits are of smoking disposable, and what exactly the future of disposables look like.

Disposable vapes are on time use vaporizers that the user can discard after use. This differs from traditional methods of vaping as the user doesn’t have to worry about multiple pieces. With traditional vapes, the user needs to lug around a large battery, replace burnt coils, and refill the tanks yourself. Pod systems were somewhat useful in eliminating the bulkiness of box mods, but it didn’t streamline the smoking process in the same way that disposables do. With disposables you can just open the pack and enjoy a delicious hit.

The main benefit of smoking a disposable device is the efficiency and ease of operation. With disposables, you don’t have to worry about the added variables of finding juice, charging a battery, or replacing burnt coils. It’s truly the most efficient means of vaping currently on the market. That being said, with the rapid nature of innovation in modern society, where does disposables go from here?

Something that everyone can agree on is that something lasting longer is better than something that has a short life. This holds true for large drinks, battery life, and even for disposable vapes. HQD’s main goal since revolutionizing the disposable market was to increase the longevity of their vapes. We can see this in action through HQD’s introduction of the Cuvie Plus. A sibling to the main Cuvie series, its main draw was the longevity of the device. The Cuvie Plus has a puff count of roughly 1200, or around 4 times that of the original Cuvie. HQD pledges to always be ahead of the curve when it comes to disposable vape devices.

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