WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Quality Vapes from HQD Tech USA

HQD Tech USA Products are certified by quality inspection, developed by experienced scientists and produced in an advanced dust-free workshop. Below we highlight the efforts made by HQD to provide the highest quality vapes. We are dedicated to transparency and building your trust.   

With all of the new vape products hitting the market, one might feel overwhelmed or unsure about what they’re inhaling. HQD’s Disposable vaporizers are produced by professionals in the cleanest possible environment. 

Our Cuvie, Maxim and Ultra Stick are all manufactured in extremely sanitary working conditions. The experts overseeing production are highly trained and monitored. 

We believe that quality control includes the prevention of leaky vapes. HQD Tech USA understands that vape leaks ruin the experience. No spillage with us! Only VAPOR. 

To generate consistent quality, we live by the following four rules:

  • Verify the nicotine contents in the e-cigarettes we produce. 

    • We understand that the vape community wants to know exactly how much nicotine they are consuming. HQD Tech confirms the nic quantity in every pod.

  • Ensure the quality of all ingredients in our e-liquids. 

    • Our products are filled with salt-based e-juices and built using the best hardware. HQD has built a team to ensure optimal “juicing” is applied every single time. 

  • Manufacture our products in a clean and safe environment. 

    • In addition to producing the tastiest disposable pods, HQD ensures that the actual factory is completely dust free and well monitored. The accumulation of dirt in a factory can be dangerous for vapers and jeopardize the item’s performance. 

  • Ensure products are delivered and packaged in a cautious, precise manner.

    • When dealing with liquids and electronic devices, the packaging must be broken down to a science. We consider temperature control, strive for fast delivery times and quality assess everything!

So the next time you are overwhelmed by all of the new cig alternatives hitting the market, you can find comfort in choosing HQD Tech USA. 

Try one of our delicious, one-use, non-leaking e-flavors today!