WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
HQD Youth Prevention

Youth Prevention will help determine the future of HQD Tech USA and the entire vape industry. 


We are firm in our stance and do NOT condone sales of HQD CUVIE, MAXIM,  STARK, or any other nicotine vape product to underage teens. Any retailer who sells our HQD products to customers under 21 years of age will be ineligible to do business with HQD Tech USA. We will not sell our products to wholesalers or retailers that provide HQD products to underage individuals. We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding underage vaping and our HQD disposable vapes are intended for sale only to those of legal vaping age.


Our website ID check is in place to ensure online transactions are teen-free. In addition, we download our Instagram followers on a weekly basis. This helps to determine if underage people are following our page. We inspire you to take preventative measures to help halt this epidemic that the e-cig industry is facing. These efforts will help sustain our industry for years to come. HQD Tech USA takes screen shots of our best efforts to prevent teen’s from purchasing.


It is important to mention that government agencies are sending teenagers to vape shops to verify that IDs are being collected. The only way to prosper in this business is by making every possible effort to stop young people from obtaining vapes.


5 million adolescents and teenagers vape in the United States. We are confident that by leveraging technology and practicing unwavering diligence, the vape industry can overcome these disturbing statistics. If we can get past this hurdle, e-cigarettes will continue helping cigarette smokers quit!


HQD is a strong vaping advocate, as we have experienced firsthand how vaporizers help people quit cigarettes. With vape technology enhancements and consistent flavor improvements, the vaping industry has created many businesses and employment opportunities.