WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
The New Face of The HQD Brand

Smoking, in many forms, existed for thousands of years. In modern type, tobacco cigarettes became the norm in smoking until 2003 when vaping was first discovered. Ever since, this new concept of vaping has grown rapidly and been adopted mainstream as the new alternative to smoking. Vaping is used as safer and healthier alternative to smoking, a bridge to quit smoking altogether or sometimes a refreshing occasional habit. Regardless, the vaping experience has to be full and rich. HQD tech USA, brings HQD vapes as a finely customized experience tailored toward to you. Our Original HQD products have unique flavor, scaled nicotine content, and high smoke intensity and lasting aftertaste.

All these features became more vividly displayed with our newest HQD disposable pod device: HQD Rosy. The originality of our company was coupled with innovative nature of HQD to bring Rosy as the cornerstone of HQD factory production. Rosy stretched our company's production capability to keep up with the surprising demand on this advanced device. We manufacture HQD Rosy in a factory dedicated only to its production.  

HQD Rosy is a 400+ puff device with double-airflow and curved out central piece. Its sleek design allows for a unique hand grip and light weight. It has a contoured mouthpiece with serrated internal filters that stops leakage and spit back. HQD Rosy also has a separate tank from the battery to prevent shedding of residual metals and cotton burn. This device is extremely safe and has a light flicker safety mechanism whereby any defect will cause the device to stop operating to eliminate the risk of overheating.

These and many other functions of Rosy embodies the innovative yet original nature of our HQD USA brand and the agile nature of our company. We continue to listen to our customers, wholesalers and distributors feedback to refine our products and keep up with the impeccable image of our global HQD brand.