WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
HQD Manufacturing and Distribution

HQD Tech USA has been manufacturing high quality vape devices since 2015. Our company have attained FCC, CE and RoSH certification and surpassed the requirements proudly to launch our first product, and we have kept up with our high standards since. By being recognized as a trusted vape manufacturer due to our quality products and attentive customer service, The HQD brand became the fastest growing vape brand in the world in 2019. HQD Tech USA now is a global brand and HQD products are currently distributed globally by our company. HQD offers the most original yet most evolved vaping experience. And our global distribution network makes HQD accessible worldwide.

A core asset to HQD USA is our research and development team that propels to continuous innovation. As such, we are never content with our catalogue no matter how amazing our vape products are. We continue to improve and experiment with new molds and pods, and we continue to take our customer feedback seriously. We keep up with advancements and streamline production, supply-chain and distribution to swiftly bring the most advanced disposable vaping products to the international vaping community. A product of this continuous development by our company is our newest flagship product of 2020: HQD Rosy.

HQD Rosy is new the best-selling disposable vape device nationally in the US- something to make our company proud. Our distributors and wholesalers are having huge success with HQD Rosy. This double-airflow device offers a truly new vaping experience and has revolutionized the vaping industry. HQD distribution relies on strong ties with selected reputable distributors who value our relationship and trust our products. We worked hard together through the years and the fruit our labor became most evident with the success we are having now with HQD Rosy. The demand for HQD Rosy by our distributors quickly striped our production supply and we expanded our operation to dedicate a whole new HQD Factory for Rosy production. Our HQD retailers quickly started to order wholesale quantities- Rosy became a sensation! Please feel free to join our global HQD network and fill out the retail/wholesale form