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Fume | Infinity (5-Pack)

Fume | Infinity (5-Pack)

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Fume Infinity

[Brick (5pcs)]

Disposable Vape 5% Nicotine

Introducing Fume's INFINITY disposable vape device, the improved version of their Fume ULTRA. Perfect for any vaper looking for a device to last them days of satisfying vaping with over 3500 flavorful puffs. The INFINITY comes in a dozen unique and delicious flavors, ensuring there's something to suit anyone's vaping palate.
1500mAh battery
The Fume INFINITY is packed with 1500mAh of power, providing vapers with the durability to last over 3500 puffs before it needs to be replaced. Packing both the battery and E-Liquid in a single plug-and-play device allows users to simply inhale and exhale without attaching anything else.
The Fume INFINITY comes in 8 unique flavors. Fitting any vaper's needs, the range includes everything from fruity flavors to dessert flavors, meeting any taste and preference. Unsure of what to choose? The Fume INFINITY has plenty of options to explore.
Flavoring Cotton Candy
The flavor of Fume INFINITYs cotton candy will bring you back to a childhood memory at the fair, with a sweet and sugary taste that will be sure to delight you. Double Apple The bold taste of Fume INFINITYs double apple flavor will provide you with a crisp and tart taste on the inhale, coupled with a sweet and juicy flavor on the exhale. Gummy Bears Fume INFINITYs gummy bear flavor will bring back memories of childhood treats with its sweet and tangy taste, backed with a unique and pleasant chewiness.
The Fume INFINITY is a wholly disposable device and comes with no upkeep or maintenance required. As these devices are fair-use, they should be thrown away once they are no longer providing any satisfaction. A single Fume INFINITY is less than half the cost of a refillable pod system and is completely hassle-free, eliminating any worries associated with refilling, docking, or carrying around extra items.
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