WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Squid | 1.6K Brick ( 6 pieces ) Disposable Vape 5% Nicotine - hqdtechusa
Squid | 1.6K - hqdtechusa
Squid | 1.6K - hqdtechusa
Squid | 1.6K - hqdtechusa
Squid | 1.6K - hqdtechusa
Squid | 1.6K - hqdtechusa
Squid | 1.6K - hqdtechusa
Squid | 1.6K - hqdtechusa
Squid | 1.6K - hqdtechusa
Squid | 1.6K - hqdtechusa
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Squid | 1.6K Brick ( 6 pieces ) Disposable Vape 5% Nicotine

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Squid 1.6K Disposable (6 vapes)

The Squid 1.6K Disposable Vape is a great way to enjoy your favorite vape juice without having to worry about refilling or recharging. This disposable vape comes pre-filled with e-juice and is good for up to 1633 puffs. It has a sleek and slim design that makes it easy to carry with you on the go, and the disposable nature of the device means that you don't have to worry about maintenance or upkeep.


Device Details:

  • Size: 6ml
  • Nicotine Strength: 5.0%
  • Battery Capacity: 850mAh
  • Puff Count: 1600+ Puffs
  • Flavors: 9 Available Flavors


  • Lush Ice
  • Strawnana
  • Black Ice
  • Ice Mint
  • Purple Punch
  • Grapey Ice
  • Blueberry Ice
  • Mango Ice
  • Blue Razz

    Packaging Contents:  

    • 10x Squid 1.6K Disposable Vape Device

    Blue Razz

    Blue Razz  by Squid 5K is made for those who adore blue raspberry flavors and enjoy a unique mixture of fruity tastes. The stunning Blue Razz vape juice combines sugary and tangy blueberry notes and deliver a taste that hits the tongue in all the right places. Squid 5K has come to be known for their clever, innovative, and out-of-the-box vape juice flavors, and Blue Razz E-Juice is no exception to this trend.

    If you still crave those sweet and sour taffy candies that you had when you were young, Blue Razz E-Juice by Air Factory is the vape juice for you.

    Mango Ice

    The taste of juicy island mangoes will bring a certain level of paradise to your palate.

    Squid 5K is giving us a  tropical delight filled with purely juicy splendor. Mango Ice is boldly nuanced and most importantly, is as natural-tasting as they come. Its brisk menthol finish adds intensity to every draw while pure blissfulness enters the fold.

    At first, the bright, tangy notes of these plump gems emerge on the tip of the tongue, making your mouth water instantly, in ways that you didnt think could be achieved through vaping. Its splendid juiciness soaks into your palate while the natural sweetness gets more powerful. Then, a calming chill brings out that exhilarating sensory experience.


    Grapey Ice

    Are you craving for perfect grape flavored vape juice? One puff from Squid 5K Grapey Ice vape will show you that this is truly the ultimate grape flavor experience for fruity and menthol vapers everywhere to really enjoy.

    Once you inhale, you will get a crisp, sweet grapes with a slight candy taste along with subtle tangy undertones. Immediately on the exhale, a lot of tangy grape will start rolling right off your tongue along with a cool and sensational blast of menthol.

    Lychee Ice

    Perfect taste of exotic fruits with a bit more chilliness.  Squid 5K has stepped up their exotically chilly side. After taking that initial draw, experience a flavorful balance that will take your palate to new heights. Explosively tangy and slightly tart notes from those lychees soak the palate when inhaling, making your mouth water. Next, natural sweetness from this fruit emerges but is then quickly met by some icy menthol for a satisfying feeling beyond belief once you exhale.

    So, get ready, because a great tropical fruit-flavored treat awaits you!


    Banana Ice

    Banana Ice by Squid 5K is a stunning sensation for which this brand has gone above and beyond to create delicious flavor for the vapes. Combination that pairs together ripe tropical bananas with icy cool menthol ends with a result that is pretty unique. When you pull the puff into your mouth, the smooth banana taste crawls across your tongue right away, with its exotic notes tantalizing your senses and intriguing your imagination. Then comes the rush of creaminess which makes you feel like youre enjoying something extraordinary. That sweetness peaks before a rush of cold frost emerges just in time to exhale, making the next draw even more spectacular to take with your mod.


    Lush Ice

    If you are ready  to have fantastic flavor of juicy melons in your life, you got it. Squid 5K will give you just that! Its positively bursting with bold watermelons, cantaloupes, and citrus. In fact, each are so clean and refreshing, coupled with iciness, it should seem as though youre quenching that thirst while vaping the day away. Thats what you can expect with Air Factory Menthol. As enough vapor touches the palate, intensely crisp and refreshing melons begin to be felt as if summer has arrived in your mouth. Then, those crisply succulent and citrusy notes become more intense. Finally, a menthol breeze moves across your mouth, causing one the most freshest exhales yet.


    Strawberry Lemonade

    The taste of real strawberry lemonade with a twist of fresh mint. When you inhale, that succulent strawberry hits the sweet tooth instantly. A rush of tart lemon washes over the palate before the sweetness of the lemonade takes over. On the exhale, a cool menthol blast is the perfect ending to a delicious vape experience. Now, that is a Squid 5K Strawberry Lemonade!




    Strawberry field and you are in the middle of it!  Now, you gotta taste Strawberry by Squid 5K. This is an explosively juicy strawberry taffy that boasts a rich and creamy swirl. This intense blend is guaranteed to have you drooling like crazy. With every inhale, the bright tartness of that berry kicks you in the taste buds. As its juiciness runs down your throat, a velvety creamy swirl wraps itself around your tongue. On the exhale, the sweetness of the candy dominates.

    Blueberry Lemonade

    Kick back and relax with the fresh Squid 5K Blueberry Lemonade taste.

    With this vape you will get refreshing experience that unfolds before your very taste buds. This flavor is a deeply delicious homage to everyones favorite seasonal beverage, and were certain that it will leave you feeling satisfied after every hit. Each time you inhale, a blast of zesty, tart lemon flavor slams into your tongue and gets the mouth puckering. Then, bright blueberries send shock waves of pleasure down your palate. The vapor gets increasingly sugary before a generous blast of menthol ices your palate on the exhale.



    Ice Mint

    Squid 5K Ice Mint flavor will give you sugary, sour experience of feeling refreshed and it will truly put a smile on our face. This is a delicious blend of freshly squeezed lemon juice, crisp peppermint and intensely cold menthol. If youre looking for a flavor that can cool you down, this is it. The brightness of the lemon balances out the iciness of the menthol beautifully, resulting in a flawless vape that satisfies on every level.

    The bright lemony tartness makes you salivate at first. Then, it instantly becomes sweeter and zestier. Next, a cool stream of fresh mint mellows you out as the flavor makes its way across your mouth. As you exhale, that punch of menthol hits the spot.




    Every puff of Squid 5K Blueberry vape device presents a nice burst of fresh, plump blueberries picked straight off of the vine. Next, a rush of smooth vanilla makes its way across your palate, elating your senses along the way. When youre finally ready to let out that vapor, pure creaminess becomes surreal while enough richness continues to intensify.


    Squid 5K Apple flavor is a hit! Inhale those mouthwatering notes of crispness that sparkle on the palate, making you feel like an otherworldly elixir is slowly soaking into your tongue. The brightness is powerful at first, but quickly mellows out to give you luscious smoothness. Then, the sweetness for which this fruit is known takes over, giving your sweet tooth a burst of euphoria just in time for the exhale. The cleanliness of the flavor will leave you feeling profusely refreshed long after the cloud escapes through your lips.



    Black Ice

    This Squid 5K marvel will never let you down! What could be more exciting than a nice, big dose of berry goodness? Taste some tantalizing berries that are soaked in icy splendor!Black Ice by Squid 5K takes the freshest ones in the orchard, extracts their succulent, nuanced juices, and then blasts them with the perfect amount of cooling frost to ensure that you feel both euphoric and invigorated whenever youre taking in a nice hit of vapor. On that initial inhale, a feeling of calmness washes over you immediately when allowing those mouthwatering blackberries to soak into your tongue. Once its time to exhale, a powerful surge of icy menthol rushes over, chilling you in the best way possible until the next draw.


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