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Are Fume Vapes Safe?

Throughout the years smokers have been looking for safer alternatives to smoking. We all know what smoking does to your lungs because of added chemicals and the inherent properties of smoke vs vapor. 

One alternative to smoking is vaping, which uses e-cigarettes to vaporize liquids in a cartridge and produce an inhalable aerosol hence the term "vaping". Traditional cigarettes burn tobacco to produce smoke, whereas vaping doesn't use combustion which means that there are fewer chemicals and carcinogens that get formed while burning and then are inhaled into the body of the user.

According to recent studies, vaping is better than smoking and it CAN help smokers quit. When people inhale cigarette smoke, they're taking nicotine and other burnt chemicals into their lungs and those chemicals enter the bloodstream and spread throughout your body. 

With vaping, instead of burning tobacco leaves to release nicotine vapes use batteries to heat the nicotine liquid into an aerosol. That means that there are less toxicants with vaping.

While vaping is generally safer and a better option compared to cigarettes, this doesn't mean that there are no vape health risks.

People who are into dual-use, such as smoking and vaping are at a higher risk. There's also a number of younger people who are getting into vaping.

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