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Best Fume Flavors

Fume has some of the best disposable vapes on the market and with that comes some of the best flavors. Fume Banana Ice is one of the most popular flavors that they offer in infinity, extra, and ultra devices. It is one of the best fume flavors all around due to it's milky taste, sort of like a milkshake but banana. There is also blue razz which is blueberry and raspberry and it tastes just like that, blueberries and raspberries along with an icy flavor. 

Another of the best fume flavors would have to be purple rain. It is another of the most popular flavors and is sure to make your day. The e-juice tastes similar to a sugary purple drink, but without being overwhelming sweet. It’s well-balanced with a slight hint of menthol for a crisp and delicious vaping experience.  

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