Flavor Review - SQUID 5K in Grapey Ice!

Flavor Review - SQUID 5K in Grapey Ice!

grapey ice squid 5k

Try this great new device which we have just introduced in the Grapey Ice flavor today at HQDTECHUSA.com. This device offers 5000 puffs and it's sure to last you throughout your daily adventures and beyond with its large e-liquid amount at 15ml and an immense battery capacity of 850mAh. It weighs just 66g so it's light to the touch in your hand and it has a nice shape sort of like the popular Fume Infinity, but with a different mouthpiece that is flat and better for taking big hits.

The flavor itself is a nice berry-like flavor of grapes. It's very smooth and you can definitely feel the grapes on your tongue as you hit this vape. This vape is recommended for heavy smokers as it lasts a long time and is also rechargeable so that when the battery of it dies, you can keep puffing on. It comes with a USB-C charger which you plug into the USB-C port on the device.

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