HQD Cuvie Plus Apple Peach

HQD Cuvie Plus Apple Peach

HQD Cuvie Plus Apple Peach is only 19.99 for singles on our site. HQDTechUSA.com offers the lowest prices on all vapes.
This device is a revolutionary disposable vape device which is pre-filled with liquid. The device offers over 1200 puffs that could last 3-4 days.

More Rich Flavors

🍑🍏 Apple Peach 🍏🍑 : Apple Peach combines crisp, ruby red apples and scrumptious peaches for a fruit-infused, everyday type of vape

This great HQD Cuvie Plus disposable vape has about 45 amazing flavors to choose from. Like Apple Peach, Chocolate Mint, Black Ice, Ice Tea, and many others. The amount of salt nicotine in HQD Cuvie Plus is approximately 5%. This provides a great feeling when mixed with the 100% pure e-juice. Also, the Pod has various ingredients like vegetable glycerin, Propylene glycol, nicotine, and natural and artificial flavors.  In addition, for every pod, it comes with 5 % ( 50mg) prefilled nicotine salts E-liquid that provides maxim satisfaction all day. Because they can satisfy everyone’s urge who needs a test of a good vaping session. It consists of rich flavors and nice hits that make Fume extra the best disposable system and the best disposable pod vapes.
More importantly, the pod is a pocket-friendly that can be easily carried and compacted.  Finally, this great device tend to be very smooth, fits in the pocket just like a pen. Also, these disposables are way cheaper than the top tiers disposable vapes in the online shops. HQD Cuvie Plus - 5% strength salt nicotine flavor.
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