Is disposable vapes worth it?

Is disposable vapes worth it?

I was a smoker for over twenty years. Started when I was 18 during college. And I increased the usage of cigarettes when I started working.

Two years ago I decided to switch to vape pods, because I think they are better alternative option.

I switched to vaping from smoking and I got myself one of those Geekvape mods. It was fine but never really gave me the hit I needed to not want a smoke. So I started trying other brands - liquids and mods. Altogether I tried at least ten different tanks with different coils. I tried single coils, double coils, triple coils. One thing is in common to these devices  - they leak. It just doesn't taste right. I then tried pod systems. But none of these devices  have the same hit as a disposable vapes - once I tried them. Eventually I did figure out why disposable vape devices are better than regular vape mods.

Here are my reasons Why disposable vape are worth it and better than regular vapes or cigarettes.

Disposable vapes flavor is much sweeter, this is because the coil is made for a one time use. And that allows top brands like ElfBar and HQD to create the juice profile to taste sweeter than the usual juice you get for non disposable vapes. Extra sweet juices usually aren’t popular for normal vapes as it won’t be good for the coil longevity.

What about cost of disposable vapes?

I know that it looks like disposables are more expensive but you are wrong on that. Disposables are cheaper.  You don't have to worry about pods wearing out, or buying new coils. There are disposable vapes for a price less than $10 (Please be careful about were you buy your vapes. Fakes are out there. Only buy from reputable sellers.The best online stores that I can recommend are and

Disposable vapes really help my cravings. I have no desire to smoke anymore.

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