Our All New MR FOG!

Our All New MR FOG!

Today we have received a shipment of MR FOG! We are very excited to carry this brand as it comes with some goodies and has some great flavors. Let's get right to it!
The MR FOG MAX AIR disposable vape that we are currently now carrying is special because it comes with a lanyard with every vape! This lanyard comes with a rubber ring attached to it so that you can put your vape on it and never lose it again. This device features a mesh coil so that when you hit it your throat does not burn, a wide array of crazy mixtures of flavors that we can guarantee you have never seen before, and an airflow hole so that you can change how potent your hit is.
The device is composed of a battery that has a capacity of 1100mAh, 8mL of e-liquid with 5% tobacco-free nicotine. You read that right... This device is so special because it features e-liquid that while still getting you buzzed, does not have nicotine in it. So how does this work? The MR FOG MAX AIR has synthetic nicotine which works the same but does not have the harmful components of authentic nicotine processed from the tobacco leaves.
The device also features a verification method on the back, where you can scan it with your phone to find out if your vape is authentic. Here at HQDTECHUSA.com we only sell authentic disposable vapes so have no worries shopping from us as now you can verify the authenticity with these vapes!
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When are these available to order?


How can I go about order one Me Frog light air

Jessica Lopez

I try to get wader
I don’t know what happen


Your HQD rechargeable vapes are breaking when you insert the charger cord, even carefully. The last 3 have failed and I have had each of them only 1.5-2 days. The charge port in the vape caves in


Hello, sir

I am Sunny,sales manager from Flievape, glad to know you do vape business, wish you have a good business!

We are a leading manufacturerof of vaping devices, we hold few brands in the market and major in disposable device, pod, CBD/THC and accessories.
At present, we hold two own factories and over 5 cooperation factories to provide our clients comprehensive and flexible OEM service.

How about your business recently? The market is very hot in these few weeks. Lot of business man try to build up their own brand disposable pod recently. Do you want to have something new and interesting.
I sincerely introduce you a new Amazing vape, Flie-Fatty the first world’s foldable mouthpiece disposable vape:

UP to 8000puff
Double mesh coil
Airflow control
Type-c rechargeable
0% 2% 5% Nicotine

Please don’t hesitate to contact to get more information and quotation. Thank you a lot!

sales manager
Shenzhen Flievape Tech LTD
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