HQD Vape Verification

HQD has probably launched more devices than any other disposable vape brand. Moreover, HQD has the biggest collection of flavors with currently over 50 unique flavors to choose from.  HQD Cuvie is the best example with 38 available salt nicotine flavors. HQD entered with the US market with Cuvie pods and has since captured a huge customer base. HQD Cuvie or Stigs have become synonymous with electronic cigarettes. Unfortunately, this brand was not immune and fakes have been made for almost every HQD device

To confirm your HQD vape is original, please visit the official manufacturer's vape authentication page: https://hqdtech.com/new-code/


Note: Nicotine is an addictive chemical. If you or a loved one is feels addicted to salt nicotine and electronic cigarettes please review the CDC link below: