Cuvie Air Review

Cuvie Air Review


HQD's own Cuvie Air is a new disposable sure to quench your thirst for some of the juiciest flavors on the market. From Blue Razz all the way to Frozen Choco, there are so many flavors you won't wanna miss out! There are currently 10 flavors to choose from.
This device features roughly 4000 puffs in total, and new Cuvie Air models are able to be recharged using the provided charging cable. This means that your new Cuvie Air will last as long as the juice inside rather than the battery unlike older disposable vapes.
The Cuvie Air comes in a 50mg/ml ratio which means that it has 5% nicotine. This is standard for most disposable vapes nowadays in order to get the most bang for your buck! The Cuvie Air has the airflow holes on the bottom with optimized technology to make sure that you get the best hits out of your vape.
This device weighs in at only $24.95, and due to how long it lasts it's a considerable choice. The device is sure to last you throughout your daily adventures.

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I get flavor but green light is blinking on Cuvie Air. I am not a heavy smoker. Definitely not 400 puffs

K durrett


I just bought a strawberry mango Cuvie Air and I went to charge it and is not working. The light turns on when I use it but it won’t turn on when I connect the charger.

Kevin Rosado

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