puff bar

Fume Vape vs Puffbar

The fume vape is a nice device which comes in many different sizes and flavors. "To be honest I like it a lot more than any other device. It gives me smooth hits and doesnt hurt my throat like some other vapes" says Tom. "The Puffbar doesn't really cut it compared to the fume because their other vapes other than the bar like the flow are really harsh and hurt the throat of the user." 

"Although people really like the fume, I like the Puffbar. It's one of my favorites and I won't switch up" says Cindy. "I'm a diehard fan of these things and I'd be really sad if I couldn't get them anymore."

The Puffbar is a small device which fits anywhere. It's shaped like a bar and comes in multiple flavors like lychee or strawberry.

The Fumes also come in multiple different form factors such as the Fume Ultra, Fume Extra, and Fume Infinity. 

The Puffbar also comes in multiple form factors such as Puffbar, Puff Plus, and Puff Flow.

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