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Fume Vapes and How They Work

Fume Vapes are a marvel of technology. You can buy a disposable vape at a smoke shop and walk away with a full kit ready to vape as soon as you get in your car.

Today we are going to go over how this technology works and why it's so great. 

The Fume Infinity, for example, is one of their higher capacity devices. The Fume Infinity has 5% salt nicotine in it and has 12ml of e-liquid. This means that you can vape for 3-5 days with no issues. This disposable vape is rated for about 3500 good puffs. 

The battery also has 1500mAh, which means that you will get to use most if not all of the juice inside of the vape, compared to other vapes where you run out of battery before the juice runs out.

The fume extra is one of the lower capacity devices, with 5% nicotine still but 6ml e-liquid and a battery capacity of 850mAh. This means that it has roughly half the power of the Fume Infinity.

Ingredients are vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine, and natural and artificial flavors. 

When you hit the vape, the pull activates the coil, which in turn burns the e-liquid to produce an aerosol-like vapor which is inhaled by the user. This provides smooth and silky hits throughout your day.

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