What are HQD vapes?

What are HQD vapes?

HQD Disposable Vapes - the best vapes on the market

HQD vapes are one of the most popular vape devices on the market.

HQD as a manufacturer of electronic cigarettes and vape devices was established in 2014, The company is committed to the research and development of new HQD disposable vape devices with a unique goal to exceed your expectations and offer you the best vapes you can find on the market. At present, the company is staffed with more than 5,000 people. Adopting the international advanced business philosophy, combined with the market and consumers’ demand, HQD emphasize great importance to "quality first" while focusing on innovation, and constantly introduces a variety of advanced technology and high-quality products to the market.

HQD Tech USA is the largest distributor of disposable vape devices in United States. Absolute leader in the industry highlighting the importance of delivering the best quality product to customers in United States, and the whole World.

Based on the users’ experience, HQD focuses on the safety, convenience and fashion of e-cigarettes ranging from 300 to 8000 puffs and has professional team of highly motivated individuals in production and sales to build a professional service that will always be one step ahead of competition. In addition, HQD also holds a high standard quality management system, a modern production and office environment, together with advanced electronic technology equipment to ensure the product quality consistent with international standards.

HQD disposable vapes you can find on HQDTechUsa.com website. All delicious flavors you can think off, and different vape devices – from HQD Cuvie, HQD Cuvie Plus, HQD Maxim, HQD Super, HQD King, HQD Cuvie Air, HQD Cuvie Bar,  HQD Cuvie Box, HQD Mars, and more



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