What is vaping?

Vaping has become a term synonymous with the 2010’s thanks to the ever increasing variety of non-combustible smoking devices available. But what exactly is vaping? Vaping is an umbrella term that includes many different methods that include box mods, disposable pods, and disposable devices. Prior to 2016, the primary method of vaping was with box mods. Large contraptions where the user would fill a tank with their preferred juice and attach it to a large box like battery (hence the name box mod).

2016 would see the prolific rise of pod based vapes. Smok brought the pod based system to a new height with the release of the Novo and Nord, which allowed for a refillable pod based system. This allowed for the versatility of a box mod with the discreteness of a pod based system. Smok has continued their innovation with the Novo 3 and the RPM 2.
The next innovation in vaping would see HQD jump to the forefront with the development of a one time use vape. Cuvie series which has grown to include over 25 delicious favors at an affordable price. Since then, HQD has introduced a plethora of new flavors to the disposable vape industry including Orange Soda, Bubble Gum, and Strawberry Banana.
With the development of disposables, the question becomes what comes next? Cuvie has included a higher puff capacity and a longer lasting battery. With that being said; where will you be when HQD creates the next big innovation?
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