WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Why Do Fume Vapes Taste So Good?

by Abdelhameed Yousef on February 28, 2022
fume vape
You might be thinking to yourself, what makes a fume vape taste so good? Is it the e-juice? Is it the coil? Is it the form factor of the device? Well we're here to find out today what makes these vapes taste so good all of the time and always have the flavors on point. 
You see, all Fume Vapes are manufactured and then sit for a while before they reach you (the consumer) at a smoke shop. The Fume vapes have cotton inside which carries the e-juice, and once the e-juice sits in there for a while it makes it so that you get perfect hits out of your device. The nicotine juice seeps into the cotton slowly, that is why when you have a device which is refillable like a mod, you must let the juice sit for some time before actually vaping it.
As explained and examined, the Fume vapes are produced and then shipped which takes some time, and are then distributed by wholesalers to retailers. This chain takes some time and is perfect for allowing the vapes to sit and the e-juice to seep into the cotton.
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