Why to use disposable vape instead of the regular?

Why to use disposable vape instead of the regular?


In last few months ElfBar disposable vape just as the latest HQD models like HQD Cuvie Mars became extremely popular. The question is why people prefer disposable vapes instead of the regular vape pods?

We asked over 500 users to tell us why they prefer Elf Bar and HQD disposable vapes?

And this is what few of them  told us.

John from Miami Beach said: “Because the flavor in a disposable is a sweeter , this is because the coil is a one time use. They can make the juice profile taste sweeter than the usual juice you get for non disposable vapes. Extra sweet juices usually aren’t popular for normal vapes as it won’t be good for the coil longevity.”

Claudia said: "I would always buy disposable vape devices because the taste is very intense and sweet and the cooling effect (in all the Mint and Ice flavors) on disposables are a lot stronger and I like that.”

Jane: “The flavor. Why are disposables so much better when it comes to flavor? I have no idea. But they are. The grape ElfBar taste like a glass of grape juice. They are great.”



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