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Smok Novo Kit

Smok Novo Kit

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Shenzhen IVPS Technology Co Limited, a specialist in electronic cigarette research and development, production, and sales in all markets worldwide, is best known for its SMOK brand, which was established in 2010. SMOK focuses on the research and development of electronic cigarette technology, builds brands, develops and manages sales channels domestically and internationally, and continues to innovate. As a result, SMOK products are enjoyed by over 80 million customers worldwide, making SMOK a leading global brand in the electronic cigarette industry in just seven years.

SMOK, the leading international brand of electronic cigarettes, offers a wide range of electronic cigarettes, including vaporizers ranging from entry-level to advanced models and e-liquid. In addition to producing and selling goods, SMOK also performs community service for vape enthusiasts. Vaping Tour, a smart vaporizer management and social platform, is an exclusive SMOK app. It's a place to show off your personality, talk about your vaping experience, and meet other vapers from all over the world. We are committed to making it an excellent vertical community for e-cigarettes and have added more social and information communication features. SMOK has completed the circle of their position in the industry by doing so. In addition to making high-quality products, SMOK wants to give customers the tools they need to live a healthier life and enjoy a healthier alternative to tobacco. Our goal is to make our customers happier and healthier.

To ensure smooth and effective cooperation, SMOK has established a comprehensive customer service system. In addition to focusing on design and quality, SMOK also provides exceptional customer service to ensure that customers and the company both benefit. SMOK believes that choosing SMOK is equivalent to choosing a trustworthy friend, and choosing customers is equivalent to choosing friends.

SMOK is committed to offering our customers new vaping experiences. Our goal is to provide customers with a better vaping experience in every way possible while also concentrating on product safety and quality.
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