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Torch Pressure Blend Disposable(3.5g)

Torch Pressure Blend Disposable(3.5g)

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Greatness is achieved in high-pressure situations! The Torch 3.5g device sets a new standard, now with the ultimate THC-A blend to soothe your stress. Are you prepared to face the challenge? Shop the entire THCa collection.

Device Features

Capacity: 3.5g
Blend: THC-A Pressure Blend
Main Cannabinoids: THC-A
Finish: White Soft Touch
Function: Preheat, Single Button Operation, USB-C Charging


Artic Gas: an indica blend that delivers a cool and refreshing blast of icy mint that's as invigorating as a breath of fresh air in the Arctic. Brace yourself for a chill that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Mango Orange Runtz: a sativa blend that is the ultimate fruity fusion. This mouthwatering combination of ripe mango and zesty orange will make your taste buds dance happily.

Pineapple Powerhouse: a hybrid blend that is a tropical explosion of flavor that will invigorate your senses. Its bold pineapple punch will leave you feeling energized and ready to conquer the day.

Pink Guava: a sativa blend with sweet and exotic notes that will transport you to a sunny beach, leaving you refreshed and craving for more.

Sour Lime OG: an indica blend that packs a punch of tartness that'll make your mouth tingle with excitement, delivering a citrusy explosion that's simply unforgettable.

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