Wholesale Registration

Wholesale Disposable Vapes

There is no minimum quantity (MOQ) for wholesale purchases, but price may vary depending on volume. Nevertheless, there is a minimum spending requirement to qualify for the best prices we have to offer. Please bear in mind that the initial purchase has to be above 15k USD, but we understand that order after the initial one can be less than that depending on the movements of products and flavors.

Please note that if you already have a fixed price structure based on agreements with our distribution partners, we would honor the pricing per such agreements.

After we have received the documents for registration (Resell Certificate, Tobacco License and/or Wholesale License) and details of your order in the Wholesale Merchants form, we would get in tough with you by email or phone call to discuss further the requirements for your purchase. After review from both sides, we will send an invoice for you to be able to pay in full which will include shipping and tax. 

Please be aware that there are some tax and shipping discounts that will also be discussed and agreed upon proper documentation. We only accept credit and debit cards (with authorization form), wire transfer, check, cashier checks or money orders.

Shipping cost may vary depending on the weight of your order and address (USA Wholesale). Please refer to product weight in the product description. *The shipping price would be listed in the quotation.

All order will be listed in US dollars and must be paid prior to shipment.

For International orders, please remember that we will only be able to ship to your country if you have your own carrier. Unfortunately we don’t know the tobacco policies for each country, neither their tax rates, and USPS (our shipping partner) cannot assure us that they will deliver. After we ship to your carrier, we are no longer responsible for the order, they must review the packages and make sure there is liability from their point of receipt until final the delivery destination.

Registration on the below form will automatically subscribe you to all of our email blasts and databases. Keep in mind that you can unsubscribe to our email data base whenever you want, but we would recommend staying connected as we sent important content for wholesalers with new products and discounts.

We reserve the right to accept or decline orders and applications that may not be appropriate or that violate our terms and conditions. All buyers are reviewed and vetted to ensure fit and to confirm that your shop is a legitimate business.

For exclusivity agreements contact us on wholesale@hqdtechusa.com after registration form has been submitted.
Cancellations and/or returns
Cancellations can only be requested before fulfilment and shipping.
Refunds/returns are only allowed for damaged goods that can be proved defective.