How to Verify Your Disposable Vape

To ensure your disposable pod device is real, make use of the scratch-off verification code present on packaging of most electronic cigarettes.  HQDTechUSA provides direct links and detailed vape pen verification instructions to protect our customers! Here are the exact steps to confirm that the product you bought is authentic:

HQD Products - Authentic Vape Verifier

Fume Extra - Verification Instructions

Kang Vape - Verification Instructions

Loy Vape - Verification Instructions

Air Bar - Verification Instructions

Puff Vape - Verification Instructions

"Fakes" or counterfeit devices have inundated the electronic cigarette industry. Unfortunately, It has become more difficult to locate and trust a legitimate a nicotine vape supplier.

Please be mindful of this counterfeit issue only use authentic vaporizers which you can verify from the manufacturing company. These manufacturers have developed production methods and secured supply chains to consistently produce and deliver the highest quality devices. Be alert to any subtle changes in your disposable vape when buying from a new source. Any change in packaging, flavor, airflow, imprints should trigger suspicion. 

Current companies in the market, including HQD Tech, have applied for a Premarket Tobacco Application (PMTA). The FDA have wisely instituted this process to protect the public and reduce the possible harm. However, factories that produce fakes circumvent the application process to continue to inject harmful nicotine delivery systems into the market. 

Note: Nicotine is an addictive chemical. If you or a loved one feel like is addicted to nicotine, please view the link below for help: