Kang Vape Verification

The Kang vape brand has grown tremendously over the past few months. Kang Vape has been a reputable atomizer manufacturer in the past and has manufactured vaporizers in pods and mods. Now Kang vape has entered the disposable pod device market in fashion. 
Although we only carry Kang Omega Plus Stick, all their disposable vape devices are reliable and durable. Counterfeit of Kang Vape, unfortunately, are available for purchase at US vape and smoke shops. Protect yourself and vape only original, authentic nicotine vapes. To make sure you're vaping the authentic disposable pod, please refer to the link below to check:
The authentication process above is for Kang Vape Omega Plus Stick. But the website offer authentication of all Kang Vape devices. 
Note: Nicotine is an addictive chemical. If you or a loved one feel like is addicted to nicotine, please view the link below for help: