Original HQD Pods

Our HQD pods are now more diverse than any other disposable vape brand in the World. Our first HQD pod was HQD Cuvie – a simple cotton-based mold with Stig-like device that has survived at the top of the disposable vape market for years. Then we introduced HQD Maxim – with a unique sleek metallic design and then HQD Ultra – a Puffbar-like quadratic device with much more Puffs.  We now have the HQD Extra and the HQD Infinity as well. These devices dominated the market in 2019. We already became the #1 best-rated U.S based website for HQD retail and wholesale by offering the most affordable prices and fastest shipping in the USA and internationally for all HQD pods. However, 2020 was a true revolution for HQD with the advent of HQD Rosy.

HQD Rosy is the most advanced HQD Pod to date! This revolutionary device is the most advanced in the vaping industry. By now, most vape shops and smoke shops in America trust our brand! You should too - simply visit hqdtechusa.com and carry HQD vapes in your inventory. Browse through the luscious flavors of Rosy and try this 400-puff device to learn first-hand why HQD is exceptionally unique. Rosy has a double-airflow which augments taste and pull while minimizing resistance. We are introducing new flavors soon so keep tuned and check our HQD Rosy page on hqdtechusa.com in anticipation of this release.

HQDTECHUSA.COM is the #1 source for original high quality HQD pods. To try our newly released HQD Rosy please visit our website. Whether you’re a customer, a retailer or a wholesaler, we cater to all with the most affordable pricing and most up-to-date inventory. At HQD Tech USA, we are proud to be the # 1 best-rated direct source for HQD PODS. We are the most trusted direct source of wholesale and retail alike. Remember, do not trust mimics and avoid fake products by dealing directly with us.