1% Nicotine Vapes

1% Nicotine Vapes


Cigarettes can be a slow killer. While most people realize this and decide to quit, it becomes rather difficult for chain smokers to do so. This is where vaping or e-cigarettes enter the scene. They create a transitional phase from smoking traditional cigarettes to completely getting rid of the habit.


Most people are unaware of the fact that vaping has certain disadvantages of its own and is not completely safe. However, many brands these days have introduced 1% nicotine vapes. This is a huge step towards safer vapes for smokers.


Use of 1% nicotine vapes in Europe


Studies in 2019 showed that the prevalence of e-cigarettes among the European population now ranges from 0.2% to 27%. Conventional smokers or chain smokers show the highest usage of vapes. However, another unique data also shows that while 60% of smokers have tried vaping, very few continue with it due to perceived safety concerns.


There are several prevailing misconceptions about vaping in European countries. However, research has shown that most vapers quit smoking after some time. This transition from smoking to vaping is an important one and can save lives.


Vapers looking for 1% nicotine vapes in Europe are in luck. Many brands have begun offering low nicotine e-cigarettes. In fact, there are a variety of nicotine strengths available now. These are also disposable, which makes them more useful.


Higher nicotine content in vapes defeats the purpose of switching from cigarettes. Smokers in Europe have realized that these are harmful for their health and are gradually shifting to the 1% nicotine vapes.


Data from Europe shows that electronic cigarettes are mainly used by smokers and ex-smokers. Non-smokers have hardly taken up vaping, which is a great sign. Brands manufacturing 1% nicotine vapes are a great initiate since they are a step towards a healthier lifestyle. They enable people to gradually quit smoking in an effective manner.


As per studies, only 11% of smokers who vape daily use more than 4ml of liquid. This means that refills are required not more than twice a day.  With less nicotine content, smokers can reduce the intake of harmful liquid and begin their journey of quitting smoking.

Final Thoughts


According to data provided by WHO, Europe has one of the highest numbers of people who have died due to tobacco consumption. In such a scenario, 1% nicotine vapes are a boon for smokers. They allow people to quit smoking in a much more effective way. This is because they are far less harmful to one’s health than regular vapes.


We hope this article helps you get a picture of the vaping data in Europe and how 1% nicotine vapes are an essential part of the industry.

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