1% Nicotine Vapes: Can They Help You Quit Vaping?

1% Nicotine Vapes: Can They Help You Quit Vaping?

Are you trying to give up vaping but never seem to accomplish your goal? A 1% nicotine vape can help you out.  We understand that quitting vaping can be difficult. However, if you really intend to stop using e-cigarettes, 1% nicotine vapes can be a good way to begin that journey.
This article will walk you through the benefits of a 1% nicotine vapes and how they can help you give up vaping altogether. Read on!
How Much Nicotine Content is Present in a 1% Nicotine Vape?
Simply put, a 1% nicotine vape is the e-cigarette with lower nicotine content in them. 1% refers to the amount of nicotine in the bottle.
To be more precise, 10 mg/mL of e-liquid means 1% of e-liquid. In other words, it means that the entire nicotine content in a 10 mg/mL bottle of e-liquid is just 1%. The lower the percentage, the lower the amount of nicotine present in the e-juice.
So a 1% nicotine vape would naturally make vaping less harsh. It will also help you gradually lower your nicotine intake.
Why Should You Use 1% Nicotine Vapes?
As we explained above, 1% of nicotine vapes have minimal nicotine present in them. If you have taken up vaping to quit smoking and reduce your nicotine intake, it is a good idea to use e-liquid with a low level of nicotine.
Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances available out there. Thus, you cannot just give it up magically. It will take time and strong willpower to do so. If you are keen on giving up vaping or quitting nicotine consumption, the best way to do this is by slowly weaning off of nicotine
So, if you normally use 20 mg of e-juice, try cutting it back to 18 mg. When you become comfortable with 18 mg of e-liquid, try cutting it back to 10 mg of nicotine. By doing this, you will eventually be able to switch to 0 mg or nicotine-free e-juice.
Switching to a 1% nicotine vape is definitely a huge step toward quitting vaping and nicotine consumption. Since it has lower nicotine concentration, it is less addictive and harmful than other vapes.
A 1% nicotine vape is also much easier to give up. Thus, this will also help you reduce the frequency of your vaping.
While vaping is not as harmful as smoking, it is not healthy either. It can harm your health, especially if you use vapes with high nicotine concentrations. Thus, if you are a regular vaper and want to quit this habit, using vapes with a lower nicotine concentration is a good choice.
1% nicotine vapes not only help you give up vaping but they are also less harmful and addictive. As long as you are able to reduce your vaping frequency, switching to a 1% nicotine vape can prove to be beneficial for you in the long run.
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