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How to Help Stop the Vape Ban | HQD's Message to Florida Senator

Our Message to Stop the Flavored Vape Ban


As the vape industry faces extreme uncertainty and a potential ban, we encourage you to reach out to your local senator.

Here is our message to senate for you to reference: 


Dear esteemed Senator.


As a Florida resident who is active in the community, I am dedicated to a healthy environment and helping businesses thrive. With that being said, I am writing to express my concern over the proposed flavored vaping ban.


I believe in strong regulations that restrict access by underage users, but a full ban will have an inverse effect. It will hurt small businesses while making this a black market problem. This will inhibit our ability to apply youth prevention measures.


Further, multiple studies have pointed to vaping as a much better and safer alternative than smoking cigarettes, which kills over 480,000 people every year. Banning vapes while allowing cigarettes to be sold is hypocritical to say the least. We must preserve small businesses. We must not show favoritism to the big tobacco companies, which account for hundreds of thousands of deaths every year.


Again, regulation is a positive step, but to ban vaping flavors completely will negatively impact our economy and many small businesses. Cigarette companies will continue to thrive and many adult vapers will switch back to them. I hope that my state will make the right decision. I am counting on you to help ensure vapes do not become a black market epidemic for youths. Please do not allow this blatant act of cigarette favoritism to prevail.


As an adult, I am entitled to my right to vape. The federal government has respected this right. I trust in you, Senator, to ensure my rights are preserved.


Best regards.



Help Stop the Ban on Flavored Vape


Visit WhoIsMyRepresentative.com to view the contact information of your local congressperson and two state senators. 


You can find their email on this site and avoid having to send a handwritten letter! It is an easy process and you can play a big role in preserving the vape industry, helping people stay off cigs and saving small businesses!


In addition, there are hundreds of petitions you can sign to help prevent the vape ban. Here is one example: