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LOGIC Pro Vape Pen Kit

LOGIC Pro Vape Pen Kit

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Key Features of The Pro Vape Pen by Logic 

  • Pre-filled capsule system for mess-free refilling
  • Powerful 650mAh battery
  • Stainless-steel build
  • Holds 1.5ml of e-liquid
  • 5-click on/off lock system
  • Logic Pro Capsules sold separately

About The Pro Vape Pen by Logic

The Pro Vape Pen by Logic is an innovative vaping system that utilizes unique, pre-filled "capsules" that make for an easy, mess-free way to refill your e-cigarette. The capsules each contain 1.5ml of e-liquid and a coil. Once you've used up one capsule,  simply swap it out for a new one. The capsules are available in classic tobacco and menthol flavors.

If you're a first-timer curious to know what vaping is all about and want something simple and reliable, the Logic Pro Vape Pen is a great choice.

Charging the Logic Pro Vape Pen

To charge your Pro vape pen, simply unscrew the top tank part from the battery and screw the supplied USB charger onto the battery. Plug the USB connector into a standard USB port or USB wall adapter.

Charging should take 3–4 hours.

Changing the Capsule in your Logic Pro Vape Pen

Changing the capsule in your Logic Pro Vape Pen couldn't be easier! Unscrew the top tank part from the battery, and swap the used capsule for a new one. Screw the top back onto the battery, and you're ready to go!

Note: Compatible Logic Pro Capsules are sold separately.

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